[Recent Book] The Multi-age Learning Community in Action: Creating a Caring School Environment for All Children 

Creating a Caring School Environment for All Children


“This is a must read for anyone who is looking to effectuate real change in any K-12 school system. Through Dr. Cozza’s deep understanding of the research and value of a MAC (Multi-age Learning Community), the reader walks away with practical knowledge and guidance to finally transform learning in the schoolhouse so all children can reach their true potential.” —Michael J. Hynes Ed.D, superintendent of Patchogue-Medford Schools, Patchogue, NY

“Cozza makes the case that multi-age classrooms are an effective and cost-effective way to increase personalization for students and further the cause of school reform at scale. Essential reading for students, teachers, parents, and school leaders.” —Todd Sumner, principal, Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School and Theodore R. Sizer Teachers Center, Devens, MA

“The Multiage Learning Community in Action is a clear and concise framework for embarking on the journey of multi-age learning in our schools. It blends collaborative cultures, instructional practices, and backward design in curriculum planning to reach the developmentally appropriate needs of all students.” —Jeannie Ray-Timoney Ed.D, associate superintendent, Department of Catholic Schools, Portland, OR

“Barbara Cozza provides a functional framework that takes educators on a transformative journey. A must read for all educators, policymakers and parents.” —Crystal Lindsay, director of school/district improvement initiatives, New York City Department of Education, New York, NY

This book is intended to assist educators at all levels of all school organizations, as well as give policymakers, educators and parents the information on an effective school program. This book gives information on how to transform schools into multi-age classrooms. It is divided into four parts that explain both the theory and the practice of effective strategies for the multi-age school program: Organizational Practice, Building Culture, Learning Processes, and Assessment and Systemic Improvement. There are specific basic principles and practices that are integrated into a quality and effective framework discussed in the chapters of this book. Each chapter begins with a vignette based on the author’s experiences in multiage schools and concludes with an educator’s reflection to recap the concepts in the chapter.

Dr. Barbara Cozza is presently a professor and assistant chairperson at St. John’s University, in the Department of Administrative and Instructional Leadership. Her mission is to transform schools into effective learning communities where all students can achieve on high levels.


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