About US

Barbara Cozza, Ph.D. is a Professor, Assistant Chairperson and Program Director for the Ed.D. in Instructional Leadership, in the Department of Administration and Instructional Leadership. Dr. Cozza’s research targets school reform issues in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership. Current research investigates how to improve and transform leadership and school systems into vital programs looking closely at the instructional core for regular education students and English Language Learners. The investigations integrate strategies such as Professional Learning Communities, Leadership Coaching, Teacher Leader, Women Leadership Instructional Rounds, Lesson Study and multi-age teaching and learning. Currently, Dr. Cozza offers collaborative partnerships and professional development to districts as a summer academy and an outreach program.

Current publication agendas include co-editing a book series on University Partnerships in Higher Education (Emerald), authoring a book on The Multi-age Learning Community in Action: Creating a Caring School Environment for All Children, co-authoring a journal titled Principles of Effective Faculty Learning Communities in Higher Education: A Qualitative Analysis of Faculty Participation, a book chapter titled An Introduction to University Partnerships for Academic and Program Development, presenting at international and national conferences and receiving numerous grants from state and federal agencies. Dr. Cozza applies qualitative and mixed design methods in her research. Her recent co-authored publications are Effectiveness of graduate programs in administration and instructional leadership (JARHE), Cross-cultural study of cognitive and metacognitive processes during math problem solving (SSMJ), Transforming teaching: A Pilot Professional Development School Partnership (Ed Forum), and Interdisciplinary Connections (Kappa Delta Pi Record). She is presently senior editor for The Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education and a Board Member for Higher Education Teaching and Learning (HETL). Dr. Cozza mentors doctorate and administration students and teaches courses in the areas of curriculum, qualitative research, dissertation seminar, and educational leadership. In the past, Dr. Cozza has been involved with accreditation processes for higher education as an NCATE SPA reviewer and a state higher education program evaluator.

Dr. Rong Hu

Rong Hu is a third year Ed.D student and doctoral research fellow in the School of Education, St. John’s University. Rong started her study in September 2015. Rong’s research interests lie in the fields of multi-age classroom, teacher leadership, gifted and talented education, and using technology in schools and classrooms. Rong is currently involved in the Multi-Age Classroom project.


Ed.D, 2015-current, Instructional Leadership, St. John’s University, New York, U.S.A.

M.S., School of Education, 2012-2014, TESOL, St. John’s University, New York, U.S.A.

Ph.D., Machine Learning and Text Classification, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin, Ireland

M.S., Data Mining, Sichuan University, Chengdu, Sichuan China

B.S., Computer Science, Sichuan University,  China